Ciclops Cyderi and Brewery

For the July ArtWalk Ciclops Cyderi & Brewery is teaming up  the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) Spartanburg and Milliken to feature artwork created by the clients of the New Day Club House who participate in the art and recovery program. Support the artists in the program and the great organizations we have in our community.
We will also be featuring Aly Lewis of Mill Haus Spangles!
Stop by for a local pint and enjoy the local artwork!
About Aly:
I reside in Spartanburg, SC aka Sparkle City, USA. My studio and home is located in Beaumont Mill Village hence my jewelry making name Mill Haus Spangles. I get a lot of artistic inspiration from living and creating in such a unique/historic neighborhood. I love making unique, glamorous, light weight leather earrings that can be enjoyed for any setting or event. Thanks for checking out my page:
New Day, Inc. of Spartanburg, also known as New Day Clubhouse, was founded in 1987
as a private, nonprofit organization through the efforts of the Mental Health Association of
the Piedmont. New Day is a psychiatric rehabilitation center serving adults, 18 years and
older, with a diagnosis of mental illness. The mission of New Day is to assist people with
mental illness to develop their abilities to live as independently as possible within the
community. The clubhouse provides support, understanding, and opportunities for growth.
All services focus on the individual’s strengths, talents and abilities, and are designed to
promote successful social and vocational adjustment to community life.
New Day offers their members programs in Art, Music, general Education, Cooking, Money
Management and Mental Health Management. Specifically, the Art Classes are twice per
week and are taught by art instructor, Ms. Sylvia Spears. Each member explores various
artists’ styles and techniques and often gives many versions of “The Stary Night”, “Water
Lilies”, and “American Gothic” with the individuals’ perspective. The Art Program utilizes
several different medians such as sculpting, clay, foil and painting.