Ciclops Cyderi and Brewery

For the August ArtWalk Ciclops Cyderi & Brewery will feature the artwork of Annelies Cahill, photography of Michael Wilkerson, bladework of Aaron Troski, and jewelry of Rosemary McLeod.

Annelies Cahill: I am an artist, mom of three, and I’ve been painting since 2012. I am inspired by graffiti and tattoos. Using acrylic paint and canvas to paint my strange, creepy yet beautiful/cute ideas.

Aaron Troski: Noble savage forge was started in 2016 by Aaron troski. With a lifelong passion for old world craftsmanship he decided to learn the art of smithing. Using his skills in metal and woodworking he crafts knives and other creations in a number of mediums. All of his pieces are made with a desire to create “functional art” that is to be inspiring, creative and used.

Rosemary McLeod:
My company, McRose Designs has been in business 10 years and is presently at The West Main Artist Co-op of Spartanburg and the Spartanburg Library Gift Shop. It is also in Tryon, TravelersRest, Greenwood and New Smyrna Beach ,Fla. My work is mostly copper work, silversmithing, and enameling. I am also a member of the Artists Guild of Spartanburg. Sometimes I branch out to paint alcohol ink prints.

Michael Wilkerson:
I am simply a photographer of the art that naturally art that occurs during the tinting for house paint. I capture the moment before it’s mixed to be the color that they chose. -Tinter artist