Please join the Spartanburg Area Conservancy (SPACE) for a February Art Walk reception to celebrate the work of Jennifer Bonner. Bonner has turned our window into an imaginative and colorful forest with rocks and penguins and lights! Come check it out and enjoy live music by Zach Parks, some tasty snacks and beverages, and a fun time with community.
Thanks to Gotta Run Spartanburg for supporting this event!
Jenny Bonner Artist Statement

All forests share a language. Linked by a network of branches, paths, waterways, birds, and wide-eyed travelers, the leaves whisper, the trees lean in to listen more closely, and our footprints carry the story a little bit farther.

An avid trail runner, I spend much of my time immersed in outdoor spaces, sometimes stretched across multiple days. There is a funny thing that happens when you’ve been travelling long enough; whether by car, train, or on foot. The spaces and the distance between them begin to melt together, and you begin to recognize similarities in the most disparate of places.

I find solace in the miles and minutes I spend on the Cottonwood Trail. How lucky am I to be able to walk out the door of my house and one stop sign later be enveloped in a pocket of woods boasting a rushing creek, a wetland preserve, a pine needle laden scrub forest and two very big hills? Each time I find myself there, I catch glimpses of its cousins (the bigger places, the vast wildernesses) within the familiarity of its visage. A glint of mica, an exposed root, blinding sunshine flooding through a web of leaves and branches. This local oasis has a bigness of its own, discoverable through its never-faltering ability to surprise.   

In C.S. Lewis’ fantasy novel The Magician’s Nephew (a prequel to the other 6 books in his Chronicles of Narnia series) a young boy finds himself in a magic wood, filled with several pools, each leading to other worlds. On the trail, I often find myself seized with that same sense of possibility. This dreamlike wood pays homage to the stories we become a part of when we venture outside, and the magic places we have yet to find.